Healthy weight is likely to play an important role in everyone’s good health. The probability is that we will try at least one specialized diet program over the course of a lifetime. We can all benefit from eating better and some diets will help us do that, but exercise is also important in our pursuit of good health. Experience the latest in diets and dieting, diet programs, tips, recommendations, information and resources.

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Diet is a Life Thief

It's helpful to learn calories and portion sizes and healthier alternatives.

Agent 00 Weight Loss: Diet & Workout Routine

But Agent 00 has successfully lost 100 pounds in the last few days, placing him in the spotlight.

Monsoon Diet: Foods You Must Avoid During Rainy Season

Seasons play a predominant role in defining our digestion and metabolism.

Jess’ Tips for Supporting the Gut After Dieting

If you are struggling with an upset digestive system caused by the stress of restrictive dieting, you are not alone.

Nutrition Coach/Nutritionist vs. Dietitian: What’s the Difference?

Between social media, various fad diet blogs, and the self-proclaimed "health experts" at the gym it's difficult to know who's a reliable source of in...

Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan Week 24 – What We Ate and Loved

Sharing our family's Mediterranean Diet meal plan for recipe links and meal ideas for anyone needing inspiration.

Which Diet Works Even Better the Longer You Do It?

The most well-published community-based lifestyle intervention in the medical literature is also one of the most effective.

Fast Track Your Weight Loss With The 17 Day Diet

My latest book, Fast Track Your Weight Loss With The 17 Day Diet published on Amazon, is a cliff notes version of the original 17 Day Diet book by Dr....

Modifying Your Plant-Based Diet

They're not even that high in micronutrients like vitamins and minerals, especially when you consider the phytic acid in the grains often reduces your...

Top 10 Myths & Misconceptions About DIY Diets

If you tried to list every diet that exists, you would be at it for a very long time.

10 Things a Dietitian Wants You to Know

A stylist knows that belting that flowy dress would be much more flattering than letting it billow (my preferred silhouette).

Healthy Hacks: How to Sneak More Vegetables Into Your Diet

Heating vegetables via the grill brings out a unique, smoky flavor you can enjoy right next to your lean chicken breast and brown rice.

Use Hand Diet For Portion Control

We think it is great that at low cost, we are getting more, but actually, it is a vicious circle we are getting entangled in.

USPSTF: Evaluates Benefits of Diet and Exercise Counseling for Adults Without Known Heart Disease Risk Factors

We recognize that social determinants of health and systemic racism contribute to differences in healthy diet and physical activity by influencing ava...

Bravenly Balance Dietary Supplement

Balance from Bravenly is a delicious mixed berry-flavored drink formulated for maximum bioavailability and the potency to amp up your nutrition easily...

Keto Diet Plan for Weight Loss: A Complete Guide

The foods and flavors we enjoy and dislike are just another one of the many things that distinguish us from one another.

Fatty liver diet food

Fatty liver disease is a condition where our liver is aligned with too much body fat which produce threat to our liver functioning and increase chance...

How The Viking Diet Informs Contemporary Scandi-veganism

I thought that if I cut out animal products, I wouldn't be able to eat the way my family fed me, or the way my ancestors fed themselves.

Dietitian’s Top Nutritional Superstars in the Supermarket Center Aisles

Have you heard the advice to "shop the perimeter of the supermarket" and "avoid" the center aisles.

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