Studies on healthy living and weight management are important for us to learn what are the best choices we can make on our journey to a better life. Learning how to eat well, maintain a healthy body weight, or manage stress is vital. It's also great to know what diet works for others. There's nothing more powerful than science – it tells us almost everything. Your starting point to learn how to eat well, maintain a healthy body weight and how live a healthier life.

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NEJM Study Suggests If Having Kidney Stone Surgery, Treat All the Stones

We are working on noninvasive ultrasound therapy to break kidney stones while you are awake in the emergency department or doctor's office and at the ...

Study of sleep in older adults suggests nixing naps, striving for 7-9 hours a night – AHA

Napping, as well as sleeping too much or too little or having poor sleep patterns, appears to increase the risk for cardiovascular disease in older ad...

Artificial intelligence can detect early signs of glaucoma, study shows

Artificial intelligence systems can use machine learning to identify early signs of glaucoma, a study published in Ophthalmology found.

Eating ultra-processed foods could be associated with cognitive decline, study suggests

A diet heavy in ultra-processed foods has been linked to accelerated rates of cognitive decline in older adults, a study presented at the Alzheimer's ...

New US population study projects steep rise in cardiovascular diseases by 2060

By the year 2060, projected rates of cardiovascular risk factors and disease will increase significantly in the United States, according to a new stud...

6 Ways to Stay Motivated When You’re Studying for an Important Exam

While we'd all rather be doing something else, these feelings or a lack of motivation shouldn't stop us from doing what needs to get done.

ATI Advisory Study Reaffirms Value of LTACHs for Critically Complex Patients

Ensuring patients are receiving the most appropriate level of care can help improve and expedite recovery.

Blood test communication failures in general practice put patients at risk, study warns

Inadequate blood test communication systems in GP practices may pose risks to patient safety, according to a study.

30 Inspirational Quotes For Students To Study Hard

As a student, there is no substitute for hard work, if you want to have good grades you have to ... Read more The post 30 Inspirational Quotes For Stu...

Study finds the cause behind women experiencing higher rates of depression than men

Furthermore, women experience higher rates of depression than men, yet the cause for this difference is unknown, making their illnesses, at times, mor...

Mark Bible study + resources

We are continuing our journey of reading the Bible for the first time and sharing what we are learning along…

A New Study Reveals the Surprising Secret to Longevity May All Be in Your Outlook

Why you really should start seeing that glass as half-full.

How Can I Study Physiology in MBBS? Genuine Tips

Most of the 1st year MBBS students may have a question how can i study physiology in MBBS?

July 2, 2022 – Monthly Bhagavad Gita Study Group via Zoom with Sandra Uyterhoeven and Randall Krause

The post July 2, 2022 – Monthly Bhagavad Gita Study Group via Zoom with Sandra Uyterhoeven and Randall Krause appeared first on The Meditation Center.

Higher Levels Of This Underrated Fat Boosts Brain Health, Study Says

If you're not thinking about your brain health yet, you should be.

Mentions of depression on the rise among young patients, study finds

Obstacles like cost and limited access to behavioral health services continue to impede patients seeking treatment.

Teleflex announces first patient enrollment in MANTA Ultra study

June 22, 2022 – Teleflex announced the first patient enrollment in a clinical study that is intended to demonstrate the safety of MANTA® Vascular Clos...

A Vegan Diet Rich In Legumes Can Help You Lose Weight, New Study Finds

A 16-week study found that an increased consumption of legumes was associated with decreased weight, fat mass, and visceral adipose tissue.

Discover More Weight Management and Diet Links by Positive Sentiment

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