Good health is a life-long journey and workouts are important in keeping good health. You can do workouts at home with or without equipment, in the gym or outside. The sky is the limit. Here are some tips and ideas for staying fit, no matter what your age. Discover new workout ideas, tips and advices. Discover new workout ideas, tips and advices.

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Powerful 5-Minutes Abs & Obliques Workout At Home: Bodyweight Abs & Obliques Exercises

This 5-minute home workout targets the entire rectus abdominis and the obliques.

A Basic Guide to Interval Running Workouts

Interval running divides a run into segments at a hard effort with segments of recovery.

This Home Ballet Workout Strengthens Your Inner Thighs

Challenge your legs and core with this beginner ballet workout, which uses pliés to wake up underused muscles and improve your flexibility

Skimble’s Pro Workout of the Week: Yoga-Pilates Mashup

Dissolve any tension and work through this series of yoga and pilates sets.

The Top 10 Muscular Strength Exercises for Beginners + Workout

You might want to lift weights and do cardio to transform yourself from skinny, overweight, or soft to lean, muscular, and toned.

10 Thruster Workouts for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Athletes

The difficulty of the thruster should be modified to properly and safely challenge the fitness level of the individual athlete.

Workout of the week: 35-min full-body strength workout

ALL LEVELS / full-body strength workout / 35 minutes Equipment: Dumbbells & kettlebells If there's a common wish for newly gym-goers it is to become m...

10 Inner Thigh Exercises: A Great Inner Thigh Workout To Add To Leg Day

When we think of leg day at the gym, we generally think of working our quads, hamstrings, glutes, and even calves.

Workout Recap - Week 33

How were your workouts this past week?

4 Post-Workout Nutrition Myths Almost Everyone Believes

The post 4 Post-Workout Nutrition Myths Almost Everyone Believes appeared first on Burn The Fat Blog.

Best Treadmill Workout for Weight Loss (Printable Workouts)

But I'm here to tell you that it's possible to get fit, when you are consistent to a few healthy habits like the best treadmill workout for weight los...

20-Minute Cardio Workout For People Who Hate Running

Yes, running is a popular and effective cardio workout, but there's good news for people looking for a fun cardio workout that doesn't involve running...

Current faves: Finding joy in the everyday, latest workouts and more

And even though this summer didn't turn out how I expected it to at all, it's actually been going by quickly too.

3 Reasons Why You Need to Try a Post-Workout Sauna

While the sauna might seem like a space dedicated to pleasure, there are a variety of benefits that come with using it after a good workout.

Cardio Workouts for Senior Clients

Staying physically active is incredibly important for this demographic to promote healthy aging.

Ectomorph Body Type: The Best Diet & Workout Routine

Ectomorph body type traits Best diet and workout plan for ectomorphs How to use your genetics to your advantage What are body types?

30-Minute Leg Workout At-Home with Dumbbells

This instructional workout video guides you through 14 of the best leg exercises you can do at home with a set of dumbbells.

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Grab your August Workout Calendar here!

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One of the best ways to speed up weight loss is exercise, especially high-intensity exercises, because they increase metabolism for hours after exercise, making it easier to lose weight long-term. The best part about high-intensity exercises is that they can be performed anywhere, making them highly convenient even if you're on the go.